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D3 & D3T Traffic Light

D3T Traffic Light D3T
D3 Traffic Light D3

For an all-round multipurpose small highway style LED Traffic light, the D3 is our best selling and most versatile Traffic Signal.

It is available in multi-voltages options of either 12v to 36v DC or 100v to 240v AC.

Rear view D3 Traffic Light rear view

Many of our sales are for replacement of existing AC voltage Traffic Lights, and with our D3 that means a simple swap over of the light housings and reconnection to your existing system.

The D3 is fitted with CREE ultra-bright LED's. CREE of the US are at the forefront of LED technology and using their ultra-bright LED's give our D3 the ability to be seen in direct sunlight and yet be compact enough to install where space is at a premium. It's ideal for the tightest locations around loading bays, but so versatile its used for car parks, weighbridges, security fences and many other application.

Our LED's are coloured with a clear lens, which is a major advantage when being viewed from different angles, keeping its light intensity to the maximum.

We supply our D3 LED Traffic Signals prewired, with a 500mm long twin core cable (live & neutral) from each light colour, ready to connect into your means of activation.

The D3's components are all stocked with simple plug in replaceable parts, making it a "light for life".

D3 Traffic Light on site Installed on site
Traffic Light Features:
  • Ultra-Bright - brighter than 60w incandescent.
  • 6 watts power = 90 % less power consumption than incandescent, quick pay back.
  • Multi Voltage - 12v to 36v DC and 100v to 240v AC.
  • Height: 265mm Twin, 400mm Triple.
  • Lens sizes: 100mm.
  • IP 65 Rating.
  • Modular design allows for single, double, triple or quadruple aspect in red, amber or green combinations thereof.
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  • Voltage: 100–230v AC or 12–36v DC
  • Application: Exterior – Vehicle & pedestrian control
  • Lens Dia: 100mm clear – Ultra-bright
  • Colour(s): Red, amber & green – Single, twin or multiple housings
  • Mounting: Flat surface or post mount
Twin Aspect specification PDF    Triple Aspect specification PDF   
D3 Traffic Light - LED Module component parts LED module component parts


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Correct photographic colour representation is difficult with powerful LED's, however we can assure you that all models shown are true red & green.