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D1 Wig-Wag Warning Light

D1 SC Wig Wag Traffic Light

Our D1-AC/SC is a large bodied LED warning Light that has a greater distance of separation between its amber / amber lenses, making it more visually prominent at longer distances.This unit has 135mm amber coloured lenses lit by white LED's.

The use of this wig wig model is predominately for outside school to warn traffic of children crossing. It is sold with a radio key fob to switch the unit and and off, and is produced to meet highway standards.

Other applications include large open plan car parks i.e. supermarkets and hospitals, warning drivers of pedestrians.

D1 SC Wig Wag Traffic Light on site Front and rear views on site

This model can be post or wall mounted and is only available in 240v AC.

We supply our D1 LED warning signal prewired, with a 4m long 3 core cable, ready to connect into your means of activation.

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  • Voltage: 230v AC
  • Application: Exterior school / carpark warning light
  • Lens Dia: 135mm
  • Colour(s): Amber / amber
  • Mounting: Flat surface or post mount
Specification PDF download   


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Correct photographic colour representation is difficult with powerful LED's, however we can assure you that all models shown are true amber.